Del’Oliva is a shop for Wine Lovers, we love what we do, and we love providing a gathering place for friends and neighbors who share our passion for the life-enhancing qualities of a good glass of wine. Our selections come from all around the globe, family-owned and community-minded. We are always looking to share some of the more interesting offerings from winemakers. At Del’Oliva Wine Shop, you’ll find something for every taste and every budget. You’ll find exotic specialty wines. You’ll find innovative releases from smaller boutique producers. You’ll find the right-priced bottle for that backyard barbecue. You’ll find new discoveries at our weekend tastings as well. Whether you are a serious collector looking for an exciting special vintage, or a casual customer looking for just the right bottle to uncork, we are here to help. Del’Oliva Wine Shop is not a franchise. We display it under our name. If you live in this area and love wine and care about supporting neighborhood family businesses, this is your home too, a shop for wine lovers.