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A Few Testimonials

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Mark Aselstine of Uncorked Ventures - San Francisco 

Mark Aselstine of UnCorked Ventures offers Del'Oliva olive oils in his Gourmet Gift Baskets and blogs about his reasons why.  Here are some of the things he has to say:

"We found the olive oil’s and vinegars to be not only higher quality, but the store also offers a unique environment where you are actually encouraged to taste products before you buy them. It’s exactly the type of place we’re happy to send our customers and exactly the type of product which made for a perfect inclusion in our gift baskets....

Outside of passionate, friendly owners we couldn’t include an olive oil in our Gourmet Gift Baskets which wasn’t absolutely the best quality available."

- Mark Aselstine of Uncorked Ventures, San Francisco

To read more, please visit his Uncorked Ventures blog



"Wow... I loved this place! I can't wait to go back, for their great olive oil and vinegar. The owners are very knowledgeable and encourage you to try everything in the store. There are so many variety and they are all delicious, I just wanted to drink them alone! Great prices for a healthy food."

- Sherry

(review courtesy of burlingame.patch.com)


Rosemarie Thomas

"Great find on Burlingame Avenue. The owners are delightful and the products are excellent. Have tried the pear/cinnamon, the tangerine, and the pomegranate vinegars. The pomegranate is fabulous. These vinegars can also be used on desserts -- try the pomegranate on pound cake or ice cream -- delicious! I also tried the walnut oil and it is great. Great idea for hostess gifts, and for people who enjoy good food."

- Rosemarie Thomas

(review courtesy of burlingame.patch.com)


Cheryl B - San Francisco 

"...an amazing selection of olive oils & vinegars. the mushroom, sage olive is delicious. really nice choices in vinegars including an espresso balsamic & honey/grapefruit. They are very generous with the samples; I would love to have small slices of bread for the sampling....Reasonable prices as well & nice interior."

- Cheryl B., San Francisco

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


Anne C - Burlingame 

"What an amazing store-really, one of a kind!

The owners are knowledgeable and charming. The oils and vinegars are...just amazing. I never knew balsamic vinegar had such variety and depth of flavor! Be sure to try some of their suggested blends-the blood orange olive oil with the tangerine balsamic vinegar was heavenly.

This is a wonderful store for anyone who loves to cook, and the oils and vinegars would make great gifts too."

- Anne C, Burlingame

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


Lori G - San Francisco 

"AMAZING! So creative and different - exactly what Burlingame needed!!

Del'Oliva has somewhere around 40 different oils and balsamic that you can taste before you buy. Combining things like blood orange olive oil and tangerine balsamic or walnut oil and white peach balsamic or Persian Lime and white grapefruit is so much fun and gives you an opportunity to experiment and purchase different oils and balsamic that will not sit in your cupboards for long!

Did I mention the quality? OFF THE CHART! I'm Italian and thought I knew olive oil... After tasting what they have been able to source - I will never buy olive oil or balsamic from any other store ever again.

This really is one of those places you just need to go and visit and just have fun with it! And don't forget to taste the truffle oils. They are incredible and will give any pasta dish a major boost!"

- Lori G., San Francisco

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


Caroline B - Burlingame

"The most amazing tasting olive oils and balsamic vinegar...they have my favorite...blood orange olive oil!"

- Caroline G, Burlingame

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


Lauren H - San Francisco 

"Del'Oliva has the most incredible selection of olive oils and vinegars including the basics as well as some unexpected ones like coconut balsamic.  The staff is very friendly and they encourage you to sample as many as you'd like.  Love the pomegranate balsamic and grapefruit olive oil."

- Lauren H, San Francisco

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


R K - Millbrae 

"We were tempted in by one of their owners while we were strolling down Burlingame Ave with the baby with some tastings.  Initial taste of the balsamic: delicious (although I don't remember what it was). They have olive oils and balsamics on the side, and pour samples directly into little plastic cups. I just couldn't get the hang of the olive oils alone because they taste, well, oily, but my husband fell in love with the basil olive oil and bought it. We also did some balsamic tastings and bought two bottles of the espresso balsamic. So delicious! ... It reminded me of the tasting rooms in Napa, frankly. They also definitely need bread, or crackers or something..."

- R K, Millbrae

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


Penny T - Redwood City 

"This is a fabulous store; full of delicious olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  You'll love the owners, Eddie and Homa, too. They're warm and friendly and Del 'Oliva is Eddie's passion--it's evident when you speak to him about olive oil. There are so many oils and vinegars to choose from that you'll find it hard to make a decision."

- Penny T, Redwood City

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


Kimberly R - Los Gatos 

"Their olive oils are amazing. Try them all if you can. They are great on breads as well as drizzled on salads or used when grilling. Wonderful choices."

- Kimberly R, Los Gatos

(review courtesy of yelp.com)


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